Ever since I could remember I fantasized with the beach and the sand between my toes.

All I wanted to do was to be surrounded by down to earth, happy & positive people. People who realize that it is the little things that truly matter.

Sharing a tea with a friend, or a healthy smoothie after a hot sunny day at the beach is what I enjoy.

After years of living in the heart of South Beach I decided to take a risk and opened up what I believed in.


I believe that this little shop is packed with love and shares the happiness through every product offered.

The Mango Tree Family


“our customers are like family, it’s a pleasure to meet like minded people every day”


“this place has given me so much and I am blessed it call it my second home”


“this place is a gem, I call it the noble healer”


“the natural aroma of fresh veggies and fruits uplifts me every day”

Press Love

Our Community