5 Juices per day

Awake, Heal, Restore, Glow , Sweet Dream
mixture of fruits, roots and veggies, featuring super-foods

Focus: Restoring and Healing

The High

3 juices + 2 smoothies

Awake, High, Aztec Boost, Pure Green, Power Nap
Higher in calories and fiber, great for moderate exercise routine.

Focus: Increased Energy

The Extreme Green Clean

 5 juices

Flush, Deep Clean, Hydrating Hulk, Pure Dream, Green Dream
limited fruit, emphasis on greens and hydrating agents

Focus: Cleansing and Hydrating

All Cleanses


We have created versions of our juice cleanse to meet the diverse needs and tastes of our customers.

  1.  Using 100% Organic and Raw fruits, roots and vegetables juiced with the Omega 8500 to create high quality juices that are rich in live enzymes and slow to oxidize due to the juicing technology of the masticating juicer
  2. Limiting fiber intake, subsequently allowing the energy typically used for digestion to in turn work towards healing inner wounds.
  3. Increasing dense nutrition intake via juices and/or smoothies packed full of vitamins and minerals featuring immune boosters, anti-inflammatories and super-foods, that will shift your body’s natural healing mechanisms into overdrive.
“Each cleanse has been developed to support your body through the detox and healing process.”


 Select # days and cleanse type. You may choose to switch between programs if you sign up for more than 3 days*. For example, for a 5 day Cleanse, you may sign up for 3 days of the Extreme Green Clean then finish your cleanse with 2 days of the High.
  Call for consultation.  Please call us at (786) 588 5103 to let us know of your interest in signing up for a cleanse.  Leave your contact information and the Juice Cleanse Manager will call you for a consultation within 24 hours to discuss and/or confirm your order.
  Place order 3 days before start.  Full Payment is required to confirm your order. We require all cleanse orders to be placed by Friday of the week before you would like to begin your cleanse.


Pick up 8:30 am daily.  It is recommended that you pick up as early as possible in order to time the consumption of each juice in the most ideal pattern: one juice every 2/3 hours, with the last juice being consumed at least two
  Drink juices every 2-3 hours. All juices need to be consumed the same day as produced to maintain freshness and nutrition peak.
  Last juice 2 hours before sleep. Consuming the juice at least two hours before going to sleep will help make sure you body is nourished throughout the night.


Do Light Exercise  We recommend finding further various healing outlets such as light exercise (yoga, walks) & mediation.
  Avoid Stress Limit negative stimulation (try to avoid stressful environments as much as possible), to allow for deep inner healing.
  Drink 8-10 glasses of water Drinking water will reduce the rate the sugar that is absorbed when consuming juice and will allow for more stable energy during the day.
  Trust your body When doing a cleanse your body’s response may vary. While detoxing you may feel weak or have a headache. If you are feeling very unwell trust your intuition and take action as necessary.